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Posted by Ann Gookin on Jan 19, 2016 3:09:04 PM

In our last post, we brought you some information about internships at Virta Labs and our recruiting process.

But you don't have to take our word for it.  Instead, we thought you might want to hear directly from one of our interns, Jessica Wilson, about her experience with Virta so far.  


Ann: Jessica, you rock.  Tell us how you got to Virta.

Jessica: Thank you! I found Virta through a Duo Tech Talk here in Ann Arbor. One of my professors had been encouraging me to dive deeper into side channels, and the talk seemed like a perfect way to do so. After listening to Denis talk, and seeing how passionate he was, I was definitely inspired and wanted to help out with the team. After the talk, I walked up to you and asked for an internship and the rest is history!


Ann: What kind of projects have you had the chance to work on?

Jessica: There has definitely been a variety, which I love. My particular speciality is red teaming, so I’ve gotten to expand my skill set by coming up with different attack scenarios for various pieces of equipment, particularly medical equipment (super fun!). I’ve also worked on the manufacturing process, building out PowerGuards.


Ann: Were you able to apply anything you’ve learned in your coursework to your work with Virta?

Jessica: Absolutely. We have a class at Eastern that goes over network forensics. I was able to use what I learned there to see how the medical devices I was pen testing were responding to my probes. It also helped me understand the protocols I was seeing in the medical devices more thoroughly. We have other classes that develop our Linux skills, because of which I am able to navigate through the embedded Linux systems I encounter on the job. I definitely feel my coursework has given me a starting point for what I do.


Ann: Anything in particular stand out as a highlight?

Jessica: One of my favorite parts of working for Virta is how I feel like I really contribute. I really enjoy coming to work. I’ve worked other places where it feels more like I’m just a number, or disposable as an intern. Virta has definitely shaken that up. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy working with everyone.


Ann: Any advice for interviewees?

Jessica: Always ask questions. This is the place you are going to work for the next 3-4 months. Do research on the company before you get there. The more you understand the company, the more time you can spend getting to know your interviewer. Above all though, let your personality shine.




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