CYBERSECURITY with Safety First.

Clinical engineers and IT staff love BlueFlow cybersecurity because of its designed-in respect for safety of medical devices and clinical networks. Try our BlueFlow software to literally see what you've been missing.

  • Assess risk by safely measuring your networked medical devices and shadow IT without invasive network probing.
  • Triage remediation with advanced tagging and automated discovery and grouping of similar medical devices.
  • Integrate quickly with your existing medical device inventory management and vulnerability scanners.

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CISOs Love BlueFlow

Our safety-first approach to clinical network management means clinical engineering and IT can work seamlessly without fear of interrupting care.  Here's what Chief Information Security Officers in the know are saying about BlueFlow:

  • "There's no other tool like yours."
  • "[Virta Labs] are the only ones who seem to get it."
  • "[Large hospital] can understand, prioritize, and strategically manage the risk of legacy medical devices and network vulnerabilities."